Big Masterz

Big Masterz is the anticipated brand that will revolutionize the entertainment industry in Kenya. It will be the darling of any stakeholder in the field. Handling videos is what we are known best for but,we got a whole range of services.

Music Video Production

Big Masterz came into limelight in 2020 to quench the thirst for good music videos. As a company, we have invested in high quality cameras,lightings and other accessories to be ahead in the industry. Keenly updating our equipments as technology advances. We are fully passionate about videography business.

Working with experienced music video directors in Kenya and experts in the video production field,puts our brand in the forefront. We are pleased to be part of big music videos doing rotation on your screens.

Our package is friendly and affordable. Offering consultation for free and customizing our services to fit your budget. Our advice on best video shoot location make us set standards from the rest. You can always count us on props,video editing,film production and other logistics hurdles you might have. Our goal is to deliver high quality video.

Audio Production

Big Masterz is a fully quipped recording studio. The studio is under Big Masterz Empire. All our audio production are handled with various creative producers that have got passion for production. Masterpiece product is guaranteed to our client.

Artists Management

We are past the era of doing music out of passion to commercializing it. Signing under Big Masterz is worth dying for. The package that our artist gets is the best they can wish for. Firstly, it’s easy to join since registration process is hassle free. Secondly, our contract period is incredible. Relatively short with manageable time frame and it’s renewable . Talk favourable terms that are straightforward.

Our empire, helps identity and unlock the giant in an artist. Handling their videos shoots, audio production, branding them, their project promotion amongst other wide range of services.

Currently, 10 artists have signed a contract under Viva Jeez Empire. Our artistes are all under 360 tier terms. As pointed earlier, the terms are straightforward . At appropriate time,our artistes will be introduced to be public. Currently they are under professional mentor-ship. A must pass through phase under our management.

Vixens Portfolio

Getting Video Vixen in Kenya ain’t a walk in the park. There is an ideal vixen in a particular video. Be it a male model or female vixen.
In case you wonder where you can find the perfect video vixen for your quality music video, Big Masterz got you insured. You can choose from a wide range of sexy vixens at our portfolio.

Song Writers Desk

Songwriters are the most underrated humans in East Africa entertainment scene. We are their waited Messiah. They content matters to us so much. We have capitalize on amazing songwriter at our company. They are the invaluable interlink between the real fans and artists . Making sure there is fresh content every time. It’s the power of songwriters that renowned artiste don’t sound the same in their songs.

Designers Department

As we offer quality video services, an artist needs to look dapper. We don’t own design outfits but we got a designer department under our company. They will you choose the right dressing for your video.

Talking about Big Masterz is like sipping fine under palm tree in the sandy beaches in Miami. Don’t hesitate to share with us with your idea. We are here to make them come true. Contact us.

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